Customized pet hand embroidered portrait


Hand embroidered Customized pet portrait

I made these pet portraits as a custom request and I truly enjoyed making them. It took me longer than I enticipated, around 8-10 hours for each pet.
But every stitch was a pleasure. I mostly used one string of the 6-string embroidery floss.
That inspired me of creating a new listing - CUSTOMIZED PET HAND EMBROIDERED PORTRAIT.

You can choose between 1 or 2 pets on the portrait:
- The size of 1 pet portrait will be around 4'' (10cm) - framed in a 5'' (13cm) hoop.
- The size of 2 pets portrait will be 2-3'' (5-7cm) each - framed in a 7'' (17cm) hoop.

After you place your order please send me an email with your order number and selected photos of your pet(s).

The portrait can be inspired by one photo (as the one from Miko and Maron) or few photos (as the one of Lady Alva - where her sitting position was better on one photo, and face was shown better on another). I will decide on that upon receiving the photos. If you are interested I will let you know which photo I've chosen or about the collage I've made.

This listing is made to order and it will be shipped in 6-7 weeks.

Thank you for supporting my work <3