Customize your own Alpaca sweatshirt // hand embroidered, organic cotton, GOTS certified


'Too cute to die' - alpaca pullover

This alpaca pullover is inspired by the cute alpacas who are dying on the Andes in the last years, as a result of climate changes. These gentle creatures can find less and less grass on the frozen fields and are starving to death.

Everyone of us has impact on the planet every day with every action, we still have a chance. Please devote few minutes daily to educate yourself more about this.

The alpaca itself is made as a collage of 100% organic cotton fabric, which is very delicate as the alpaca itself, so it needs a special care.
I highly recommend gentle handwash so you keep the alpaca fluffy for a long time.

After placing an order please send me an email with the number of your order to:
I will send you a link with available sweatshirts to choose from (type, size and color). Each sweatshirt is made of organic cotton, GOTS certificated, FAIR trade produced.
Please note: All the sweatshirts from the photos are not available anymore and there are many more available to choose from. Link provided after placing an order.

All sizes available.

One of a kind. Due to its handmade nature, every alpaca is unique.

Ready to ship in 4-6 weeks.

Thank you for reading:)