The woods of Easter Escapes, dusty lilac hand embroidered 100% organic cotton pullover


'The woods of Easter Escapes' pullover

This pullover is inspired by the cute lambs who are dying every Easter in my home country because of the Easter family feast.
While I was growing up, each Easter my grandparents would kill a lamb in their yard, I would listen to it crying and my heart would break every year, again and again.
I never understood how can they kill something so pure, just so they can eat it. I was eating it too, as long as I thought I had to, when one day I realized - I don't.

The pullover is made of 100% organic cotton, GOTS certificated, FAIR trade produced.
Relaxed fit with front pockets.

The lambs are made as a collage of 100% organic cotton fabric, which is very delicate as the lambs themself, so it needs a special care.
I highly recommend gentle hand washing so you keep the lamb fluffy for a long time.

Size: Medium (US) / Large (EU)
It's me on the photos, I'm 5'10'' (178cm) tall and slender.

One of a kind.

Ready to ship.

Thank you for looking!