Deception - hand embroidered upcycled top - silky fabric, one of a kind, size Small Medium


This piece was inspired after I heard an episode of Jay Shetty’s On purpose podcast. He was talking about a research on how we spent most of the time in our life - it is not important what we think of ourselves, nor what others think of us, but what we think that others think of us. So all the confidence we posses in each interaction is = of what we think that people think of us. That is such bullshit way to live and almost all of us do.
That’s why I wonder how often do we see things that are not there? - How much time of the day we spend on scenarios that most likely will never happen? - I hope whenever you wear this t-shirt the ones who read the sentence will find Food for thoughts and a bit more awareness to bring them close to center.

Silky fabric on the front, ribbed cotton on the back.

Size Medium. It’s me on the photos and I usually wear Medium. 179cm / 5’11

Flat measurements:
armpits 46cm (18inches)
length 55cm (21.5 inches)
width (44cm/17.5inches)

One of a kind.

Ready to ship.