Pre-order: Margareth shirt in green velvet 100% organic cotton in Berlin, hand embroidered in Paris


Pre-order for the Margareth shirt in dreamy green velvet 100% organic cotton fabric.

The design of this shirt is inspired by relaxed and bohemian lifestyle in a house by the ocean, but also super chik for daytrips to the busy city worn with jeans or skirt, can be trully combined with every piece of clothing, depending if you want casual or dressy look.

For a cozy, but stylish early spring, this shirt can be worn with turtle neck blouse under it.

Balloon 3/4 sleeves and two closing ties in the back.
Embroidered details on the two sleeves. Delicate two string embroidery over dreamy and soft cotton velvet fabric.

This shirt is handmade from 100% organic cotton fabric, hand sewn by Franzi in Berlin and hand embroidered by me in Paris.

Pattern and prototype developed by Arin Moyer who turned my ideas into reality.

These shirts are made to order in limited edition of 5 units, ready to ship on 15th of June. Orders close on 10th of May.

Specific measurements:
Sleeves length: 44cm (17.3")
Length: 42cm (16.5")
Shoulder to shoulder: 37cm (14.6")
Width: 86cm (33.85")

It's me on the photos. I'm 178cm (5'10) tall and I usually wear both Small and Medium.

You can order the blouse with or without the hand embroidery.

This shirt is Small Medium, but if you are interested in purchasing different size please send me an email to: and we will develope a pattern for different size.