Patched and quilted handmade bag from leftover organic cotton plant dyed fabrics


Small shopper upcycled bag - Patched and quilted, handmade from mostly leftover organic cotton plant dyed fabrics and other leftover cotton, linen and wool fabrics.

Many hours of work of love. First I assembled the fabrics, then sew the patchwork. After I added a layer of batting and a cotton lining and quilted it vertically. It’s not a perfect, but that’s the whole point.

28 x 21 x 3cm (11 x 8.2 x 1.2 inches)

One of a kind.

Ready to ship.

Since the bag is mostly made of plant dyed fabrics and hopefully won’t be cleaned very often, when you decide to clean it best solution is dry cleaning to prevent leaking of the different colors.