Plant dyed Handmade Scrunchie No.1 - from dead stock Cotton fabric, collab with Kaliko

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Plant dyed Handmade Scrunchie made from dead stock 100% cotton fabric.

Made from the softest, most beautiful cotton that I sourced as dead stock fabric from a close to my home print factory. Dyed with plants together with my friend Ania from Kaliko ( To achieve this beautiful yellow color we used Chamomile, Rose and Delphinium.

There is something soothing in making scrunchies. There are my favorite accessory, super pleasant while I wear it on my hand or hair.

Each scrunchie is one of a kind due its handmade nature.

Each scrunchie has a label, that is completely recycled. Made with cuts of recycled paper bag and the stickers are also made of recycled paper.

Ready to ship.

Thanks for looking:)